The only “co-workers” in this space are yours

Co-working spaces are common in the new world of remote workforces. Access to the amenities of a well-designed and stocked office before with a shared financial burden is brilliant. The trade-off: Sharing that space with people outside of your team limits collaboration, freedom of use, and privacy. Established teams need the freedom of controlling their entire space to reach maximum efficiency. Rather than share space every day, Arastra provides the same economic advantage by providing an entire, 4,800 square foot customizable collaborative space on demand.

Arastra is a turnkey meeting space. Every aspect of the building is designed to function intuitively. All televisions and the projector with a 135″ screen connect directly with any Mac or Windows device, Electronic locks provide 24/7 access to the building, and internet speeds of up to 500 mbps mean that your team is up and running within minutes.

  • 7 Windows & Mac Compatible TV’s

  • LG CineBeam Projector & 135″ Screen

  • Catering Prep Kitchen

  • 10 Seat Conference Room

  • 2 Outdoor Decks

  • Rolling and Wall-mounted Glass Whiteboards

  • Outlets EVERYWHERE

  • WiFi Speeds of up to 500 mbps

  • Private Executive Office

  • 24/7 Access

  • Spacious Meeting Lounge

  • Flexible Seating for Breakouts

  • 2 Phone Booths

  • Stocked Snacks & Beverages