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Gather. Innovate. Revel.

We Are A Purpose Built Collaborative Space.

Where Luxury Hospitality Meets Entrepreneurial Creativity

Immerse in our carefully curated environment, designed to foster creativity and productivity. Every detail contributes to an atmosphere that inspires innovation and efficient collaboration. From our thoughtfully chosen furnishings to the purposeful space arrangement, each element plays a crucial role in creating an environment perfect for productive meetings. Stepping inside, you’ll discover a world that not only encourages but passionately celebrates creativity, seamlessly integrating productivity into your everyday experience.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Arastra was exactly what we needed for our company off-site meeting. The space is modern and clean with the perfect amount of large gathering space and smaller rooms for breakout sessions. The artwork throughout the building and the rooftop deck with views made for a unique blend of business professional and at-home comfort. Booking and access to the space was seamless and the kitchen was a bonus. Thank you for hosting us!
Christine B.


Michael Thomas


Michael, a serial entrepreneur with nearly three decades in luxury hospitality, possesses expertise in diverse fields, including business development, event planning, fine art, and sales operations. He is renowned for establishing property management and rental markets across North America and recognized as a respected art consultant and curator for private and corporate collections. Michael seamlessly combines his passion for collecting with meticulous curation and fiduciary responsibility. His dedication is evident in his commitment to creating a versatile venue suitable for various events and gatherings.