One space designed for maximum productivity


Welcome to Arastra

Park City’s premier private event space. 4,800 square feet of indoor and outdoor space designed to provide the ultimate venue to GATHER INNOVATE AND REVEL.

Park City’s Only 100% Private Meeting Venue!

Arastra is Park City’s only 100% private meeting space. Our 5,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor event space are allows you to create a bespoke environment for up to 50 people.

Located in picturesque Park City, Arastra is a multi-use, flexible, bespoken space customizable to meet your needs from five to fifty people. Completed in May 2021, Arastra serves to provide the ideal space to GATHER with friends and family, INNOVATE as a team to make decisions, strategize and leave with an action plan Or REVEL with those you hold dear. 

Square Feet
Three Conference Rooms
Outdoor Decks
Screens to Cast

Meetings Are Expensive

Executive team meetings and collaborative efforts drive value; however, they require a commitment of resources in terms of human capital and meeting expenses.  A typical meeting, when incorporating the value of human capital can cost $1000s of dollars per hour.  Arastra was designed to appeal to leaders who calculate the “real” cost of meetings.

With those costs in mind an “Arastra meeting” places value in the idea that a purpose built dedicated collaborative space maximizes the value driven from team meetings and removes any environmental limitations to productivity

Hotel conference rooms are boxes that come free with a meal. Co-working spaces are full of random people that at best are a distraction. Arastra is yours. 


Park City has been a popular destination for corporate retreats for decades. Now there is a meeting space equal to Park City’s world-class recreational offerings. 4,800 square feet of office space that includes 1, ten-person & 2, six-person conference rooms, 2 outdoor decks, a kitchen, 7 Tv’s + a 135″ projector/screen, and multiple comfortable seating areas. We dare you not to be productive.

Arastra is like no other rentable office space Don’t put a damper on a great retreat by holding the business parts in a hotel conference room or a co-working space.