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Gather. Innovate. Revel.

Planning your next meeting, retreat, or strategy session? Choose Arastra to maximize productivity while minimizing expenses. Our flexible space empowers your team to work efficiently in a stunning, private setting.

It's About Time

Make the most of your time. Elevate your next event experience at Arastra, our prestigious 5000 sq ft venue nestled in the heart of Park City. Whether it’s off-site executive meetings, dynamic team-building activities, innovation sessions, or impactful sales conferences, we’ve got you covered for groups of up to 70 people. Enjoy the convenience of our transparent pricing policy, ensuring no surprises or additional charges. At Arastra, we prioritize your seamless event planning experience, so you can focus on what truly matters – your event’s success.

Exceptional Offerings To Elevate Your Event

Discover an outstanding event space with an array of impressive features. Engineered for optimum efficiency and top-tier performance, our versatile space provides the ultimate backdrop for your team’s ambitious ventures in an exclusive environment.

At Arastra, you can enjoy the following amenities:

▸ Multiple reception area configurations 

▸ A rooftop deck with panoramic views

▸ Two-story sliding windows for an indoor/outdoor experience

▸ A 10-seat boardroom

▸ Two 6-seat breakout rooms

▸ Two lounge areas

▸ An amazing catering prep kitchen

▸ “Phone booths” for privacy

▸ Rolling and wall-mounted glass whiteboards

▸ Seven LG Windows and Mac-compatible TVs

alt="Arastra offers Uncover an exceptional event space with an array of offerings. Notably, our venue showcases diverse reception area layouts, complemented by a striking rooftop deck that offers breathtaking panoramic views. The standout feature of our space lies in the innovative two-story sliding windows, seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor environments for an unparalleled experience. Promoting efficiency and productivity, our adaptable space provides the ideal backdrop for your team’s endeavors in a splendid, secluded setting. Explore a glimpse of what we provide for your next venture"
alt"It's your space, meticulously designed to drive real value for your team"

Your Team Deserves Better Than A Hotel Conference Room

Boosting value and productivity while minimizing costs is crucial for executive team meetings and collaborative efforts. Say goodbye to the limitations of hotel conference rooms and distractions of co-working spaces. Experience the power of a purpose-built, dedicated collaborative space with Arastra, where creativity is at the forefront. It’s your space, meticulously designed to drive real value for your team.

Arastra is the ideal choice for various purposes, including:

▸ Board meetings, providing a platform for efficient decision-making processes.

▸ Executive retreats, offering an opportunity for strategic planning 

▸ Innovative planning sessions, fostering creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

▸ Offsite meetings, allowing for a change of environment to encourage fresh perspectives and dynamic discussions.